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(+221) 33 869 64 44
(+ 221) 33 820 60 64
B.P. n° 29 920
Lot 43, route de l'aéroport
Yoff Aéroport

The Senegal Office oversees the bilateral development programmes in Senegal.

The Senegal Indicative Cooperation Programme IPC III   commenced its operations in July 2013 and closed its prepapatory phase in March 2014. This third programme with Senegal features some great innovations including the principle of national implementation which means a sizeable transfer of responsibilities and resources to our Malian counterparts.

The year 2014 has enabled the development of this aid modality with encouraging results for the first year of implementation. It is not however limited to an execution modality but involves the actors’ full ownership and control over all processes from planning to accountability.

In 2015, the programme enters its second year of implementation and provides strategic and sectoral issues including the transition to full national implementation, capacity building for stakeholders and a greater consideration of cross-cutting issues (gender and environment).

All of these programmes are strongly oriented towards local development and capacity building and particularly value existing structures and frameworks at both national and regional level. And this in the steering and implementation actions with a view to improved alignment with national policies conform to the Paris Declaration.


  • Quentin BOURDEAUX
    Resident Representative
  • Gülten AKA
    Programmes Officer
  • Vincent LARONDELLE
    Programmes Officer
  • Magatte DIOUF
    Administration/Finance and HR Officer
  • Aristide GNAMY
    Executive Assistant
  • Louise NDIAYE
    Administration Assistant
  • Ibrahima FOFANA

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